cocoon-rcl – my precious

I finally made cocoon-rcl to work, few days ago. Cocoon-rcl is Maven plug-in that makes life of every Cocoon developer much easier and pleasant. It enables you to develop Cocoon applications/blocks rapidly. You may wonder what that means exactly. In a fact, it takes care of resource and classreloading so you can develop without any restarts of your application.

Essentialy, all you have to do is to start your block this way:
mvn cocoon-rcl:webapp jetty:run
And start hacking sources of your block in any IDE you like. All changes will be instantly visible in a browser. You can change sitemaps, flowscript files and even ordinary Java classes.

I would like to thank Reinhard Pötz who has done this handy plug-in. Developers willing to migrate from 2.1.x should consider it as one of killer-features along with servlet services and Spring integration.


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