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Pal! How can I call you?

April 22, 2007

Today I decided to have a rest from pushing Cocoon’s caching to it’s limits and studying Affine spaces. Despite having long stroll through Warsaw I’ve recorded pronunciation of my full name.

Only after communicating with foreign people for a while I realized that pronunciation of my name can be troublesome for non-Slav folks. What’s more tricky, I have hard times to explain it by analogy to other words. Recently several people asked me to put sound file on the Web (thanks Sylvain for suggestion to post it on my blog). So here it comes in two versions:

(content is the same, make a choice according your beliefs)

Ok, you’ve heard it. What about repeating in quickly? Is it hard to repeat or only hard to guess looking at written word?

There was a constant confusion about name so I invented a shortcut/nickname: Grek. Actually, originally it was g[R]eK to make it h4x0r-like and increase the chance it’s unique. I’ve decided to switch to simpler form because I’m not crazy about being a geek anymore. Quite opposite, I would love to have so natural smile as Ayo has:

Ok, I’m just going more and more off-topic so it’s time to finish my post.
In short: call me Grek or Grzegorz and don’t forget to tell me you are going to visit Poland. I’d be happy to see how good you are at pronunciation of Polish names. 🙂