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First results of GSoC work

July 7, 2007

Finally, besides discussing, I have done some real work as GSoC participant. I have successfully moved expression handling code to separate modules (api and impl) so they are not tied to template handling code. Next important thing was getting rid of Avalon dependencies. Believe me or not, but such a conversion is not that scary and if you grasp basic principles it’s really a matter of labour work.

If you want to check in detail what has been changed, check this issues:

  • COCOON-2082 – Get rid of Avalon dependencies in cocoon-expression-language code
  • COCOON-2081 – Move api and implementation of expression languages to separate module

I had to move tests too and it turned out to be much more difficult task mainly because Cocoon was lacking any up-to-date documentation on that subject. After figuring all out of details and getting tests back to the work I decided to share my experiences. Check this document to see how to write tests for Cocoon 2.2.
When it comes to documentation, it’s worth to mention other small addition: document describing how to configure logging in Cocoon 2.2. Thanks to Alex for bringing original information.